Is Homeschooling the Best Option for My Child?

The decision around whether or not to homeschool can be a difficult one. Pacific Preparatory provides complimentary consultation services to parents or ed consultants who may be considering homeschooling and this post contains some of the information we share and emphasize during those conversations.

Parents and ed consultants come to Pacific Preparatory seeking homeschooling support for a broad spectrum of reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • The student hasn’t found the right school fit and is seeking either transitional support or something more long-term.

  • The student is generally not thriving in the brick-and-mortar classroom environment.

  • The student is looking for more flexibility in their schedule and/or curriculum.

Our initial conversations with families are an opportunity for us to assess whether homeschooling makes sense for this student and, if so, whether Pacific Preparatory is the best support option for that program. We have developed a robust network of homeschooling resources and will provide alternate and/or supplementary options if they seem appropriate.

When done right (for the right students at the right time), homeschooling can be a tremendously rewarding experience for everyone involved. However, it’s important for parents to consider all of the moving parts involved in creating an ideal homeschooling program that provides students with the resources to excel academically, in addition to offering exposure to the arts, physical education, and opportunities for socialization.

The choices and stakes can be intimidating, and at Pacific Preparatory we recommend anyone considering this route to do as much research as possible, talk with other homeschool parents in addition to consultants like the experts at Pac Prep, to find out if it really is the right choice for you and your student. We are happy to help facilitate this process in whatever way we can to make you and your student feel at ease with your choice.

This article has been written by Anna Schell and Jesse Roselin.