Course selection and weekly schedule determine Pacific Preparatory tuition costs, which are billed at $160 per hour for maximum flexibility. This hourly rate includes complimentary teacher preparation time. Outlined below are projected tuition costs, although costs may vary based on individual academic plans.



Tuition projections below cover approximately one semester of instruction.

Registration Fee: $325 per course (additional fees may apply for science lab courses and elective field trips)

Course Cost: $4,800 per semester (30 hours)

Minimum Schedule: 2 hrs/wk per course (30 hours per semester)
Standard Schedule: 3 hrs/wk per course (45 hours per semester)
Mastery Schedule: 4 hrs/wk per course (60 hours per semester)

*Two semesters (60 hours) required for a full course.

2019-20 pricing goes into effect August 2019.



Full-time: Students completing 4 core courses (math, English language arts, science, and social studies/history) and any number of additional courses (languages, etc.).

Courses for credit: Part-time students completing 1-3 courses.

Transitional: Students in need of a temporary academic programming solution in between brick-and-mortar schools.

Students in all program types will receive diagnostic assessments (ELA and math), syllabi (sample 1 & 2), progress reports, and narrative assessments according to our academic calendar. They will also receive a Summary of Work Completed or a transcript, depending on circumstances, when they have completed their work with Pacific Preparatory.



We also offer:

  • Test Prep

  • Study Skills

  • Languages

All supplementary services are offered at $160/hr.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've carefully constructed tuition rates to accommodate the labor of our teachers and school leadership team. We do not offer discounts or financial aid. Our foundation does offer scholarships for 1:1 tutoring for under-resourced students.

Dual and small group classes are offered at the following rates:

  • Dual (2 students): 20% reduction in tuition per student
  • Small Group (3+ students): 30% reduction in tuition per student

After the registration fee and pre-payment of 10 sessions, you will be billed bi-monthly according to the determined weekly schedule.

Registration fees cover course set up and course books. Tuition fees cover ongoing cost of instruction, preparation time, and assessment.

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