Admissions Process

Pacific Preparatory’s primary goal is to help your student thrive academically. As such, we conduct an extensive initial intake process that consists of 1) two personalized phone consultations and 2) a rigorous application. These help us learn whether Pacific Preparatory is the right fit for your child’s educational needs and inform our recommendations for individualized programming.

Initial Inquiry and Phone Consultations


Submit an inquiry to schedule a phone consultation with our Director of Programs and Administration, followed by a second and more extensive phone consultation with our Student and Academic Deans.

Application Form and Fee Payment


If Pacific Preparatory feels like a good fit, fill out an application form ($75 application fee). Be as comprehensive as possible so that we can make an informed recommendation. It generally takes us 1-5 business days to process each application.

Acceptance and Next Steps


You will receive an admissions letter that includes a link providing instructions around acceptance, payment, and scheduling. At that point, we will make recommendations on diagnostics, weekly course hours, instructors, and start date.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the enrollment agreement has been signed, we'll match and introduce you to your teachers. You'll have the opportunity to meet your teachers in person through meet-and-greets prior to the official instruction start date.

Yes, the application process is the same. However, our individual recommendations may differ.

Tutor Corps is a private school (CDE 143642). Although we're not currently accredited, our academic program exceeds typical accreditation standards. We hold our students to the highest academic standards and they thrive as a result. Our students have had great success in gaining admission to top independent high schools and Ivy League colleges.

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