Pacific Preparatory students may fall into three categories: full-time, part-time, or transitional.

Although we follow a traditional academic calendar, students may jump into our programming at any point during the calendar year.

Full-Time Students


Full-time students are enrolled in 4 courses (English language arts, mathematics, science, and history or social studies) at a minimum of two hours per course each week over the course of an academic year (approximately 30 weeks).

Part-Time Students


Part-time students are enrolled in 1-3 courses at a minimum of two instructional hours weekly over the course of an academic year (approximately 30 weeks).

Transitional Students


Transitional students need a temporary academic programming solution in between brick-and-mortar schools. These students will receive syllabi, progress reports, and narrative assessments according to our academic calendar. They will also receive a Summary of Work Completed or a transcript, depending on circumstances, when they have completed their work with Pacific Preparatory.

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