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At Pacific Preparatory, our expert teachers work with students one-on-one. Our school leadership team partners with families to provide the best education for each student and their unique learning profile.

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Our curriculum capitalizes on our teachers’ expertise to support student learning. It has been carefully crafted to exceed Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

English Language Arts Curriculum

The K-12 English language arts curriculum asks students to develop skills in close reading and analytical writing, and to hone communication skills. It encourages students’ lifelong love of reading and writing and sparks an appreciation for literature and nonfiction.

Science Curriculum

The K-12 science curriculum asks students to become scientifically literate citizens. Our lab-based approach supports the development of problem solving skills while encouraging a passion for science.

Mathematics Curriculum

The K-12 math curriculum asks students to develop a deep understanding of math at the conceptual level. It facilitates a hands-on and interactive approach to math while ensuring mastery.

Social Studies & History Curriculum

The K-12 social studies and history curriculum asks students to learn about the past in order to think critically about the present. It aligns closely with our English language arts curriculum to foster students’ ability to read, write, and value nonfiction.


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Years of experience

Our school leadership team has spent nearly two decades in the education field.


Grants, Scholarships, and Awards Provided

Our 501(c)3 non-profit provides services to under-resourced students.


Educators within our networks

Our expert team is dedicated to sourcing the best possible teachers.

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VOTED Best private middle school & best private high school 2019 by BAY AREA PARENT

“Pacific Preparatory stands out as the most exceptional organization we’ve ever come across. The caliber of instructors they provided allowed my daughter to excel. Each instructor was deeply knowledgeable, passionate, and devoted to teaching. The team was incredibly responsive […] and a very bright light in our life.”

Tessa McMillan, Pacific Preparatory parent, San Francisco


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